Rising Stars in Experimental Particle Physics Symposium

Zoom (sent by email to registered participants)

Zoom (sent by email to registered participants)

Dave Schmitz (University of Chicago), David Miller (University of Chicago), Mel Shochet (University of Chicago), Young-Kee Kim (University of Chicago)

The UChicago Rising Stars Symposia 2021 are a platform for exceptional early-career scientists in the broad field of physics to present their work.

These Symposia are intended to promote early-career development of researchers working in exciting new directions in soft and biological materials, quantum science and technology, and experimental particle physics.

Another goal is to increase the diversity of researchers in these fields; we particularly welcome applications for the symposium from researchers who come from under-represented groups.

This Rising Stars in Experimental Particle Physics Symposium will highlight a range of topics in experimental particle physics by a diverse group of rising stars in the community!  We’ll hear about cutting-edge research happening at the LHC, in determining the nature of dark matter, and in searching for evidence of new physics in muons and neutrinos.

Registration for Rising Stars in Experimental Particle Physics Symposium
  • Abigail Vieregg
  • Aditi Goyal
  • Albert Chu
  • Alejandro Diaz
  • Ankur Agrawal
  • Annika Dugad
  • Anran Li
  • Carla Grosso-Pilcher
  • Carlos Wagner
  • Cecilia Tosciri
  • Charles Liang
  • Chelsea Bartram
  • Christian Weber
  • Clay Cordova
  • Daine Danielson
  • Daniel Holz
  • Daniel Paraizo
  • Daniel Smith
  • Davi Costa
  • David DeMille
  • David Miller
  • David Schmitz
  • Ed Blucher
  • Elena Gramellini
  • Elise Hinkle
  • Emrys Peets
  • Frank Merritt
  • Gangbin Yan
  • Hannah Binney
  • henry frisch
  • Irene Dutta
  • Jacques Pienaar
  • James Pilcher
  • Jan Offermann
  • Jay Hyun Jo
  • Jesse Liu
  • Jessie Micallef
  • Jianyu Long
  • JJ Fuentes-Rivera
  • Joao Shida
  • Johan Bonilla
  • Julia Gonski
  • Karri Folan Di Petrillo
  • Katie Hughes
  • Katrina Miller
  • Kelli Michaels
  • Kristin Dona
  • Lanqing Yuan
  • Liantao Wang
  • Luca Grandi
  • Lynn Tung
  • Maggie Hayes
  • Marcela Carena
  • Marco Del Tutto
  • mark oreglia
  • Mel Shochet
  • Michael Levin
  • Mun Jung Jung
  • Noah Mendelson
  • Oz Amram
  • Prajwal MohanMurthy
  • Rachel Scrandis
  • Riyush Thakur
  • Robin Erbacher
  • Sadie Seddon-Stettler
  • Sally Shaw
  • Savdeep Sethi
  • Sofia Helpert
  • Sophie Middleton
  • Victor Zhang
  • Yau Wah
  • Yinrui Liu
  • Young-Kee Kim
  • Zachary Curtis-Ginsberg
  • Zoya Vallari
Ramona Echols